Raven Meindel

Intuitive / Dream Analyst

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Phone : 734-223-1525  

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 Dream Interpretation :

Dreams are an extraordinary means for channeling information to the conscious mind from the subconscious realm while we sleep, thus enabling us to make better sense of things in our waking lives.
What is revealed when the curtains are drawn can change our lives


Since the dawn of  recorded history, the interpretation of dreams has been implemented  in everything from turning the tides of battle to winning the hand of a potential lover .

Dreams, to this day, still hold a level of distinct fascination in our culture, and they contain within them valuable information that can help us cope with everything from major decisions and emotional stress  to smaller quandaries such as how to get along with our boss or what gift to buy a friend for her birthday.

 In the world of dreams, the rules that  govern our conscious "reality" do not always apply. Messages are often conveyed to the dreamer through abstract, metaphorical, and even bizarre or frightening images. Deciphering them can sometimes be very difficult and confusing.  And, just as each person is a unique individual, so too are the messages contained within his or her own dreams.


               What are your dreams trying to tell you?


Raven can help you make sense of what your dreams are trying to tell you.

Together you'll work to decode their messages, meanings, and symbolism in a way that brings a fresh new perspective and allows you to utilize important information contained within your dream's meanings.

With over 20 years of experience in dream analysis in her work as an intuitive advisor, Raven conducts dream consultations that are both personalized to fit your needs and contain detailed information to help answer your questions thoroughly and effectively .


 The messages contained within your dreams can help :

  • Improve relationships
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Choose a new career
  • Augment communication
  • Connect with your higher self
  • Refine your intuitive skills
  • Create lasting happiness!

Intuitive Readings

In addition to her work as a dream analyst, Raven also offers intuitive readings / advisory services.
She has over twenty years of experience in the field of intuitive work and is also a licensed inter-faith minister as well as a practitioner of three different healing
modalities and relaxation therapies.

She has worked on current as well as cold case files with law enforcement, and commonly uses her intuition as an important tool in her work as a paranormal investigator / cryptozoologist. She also specializes in relationship issues and helping you find the right connections.

Raven's services include :

  • Tarot
  • Crystal ball, Oracle
  • Intuitive energy readings and aura scans( Not to be mistaken for medical diagnosis)
  • Dream Analysis
  • General Advisory


Reminders :

* You may wish to write down your questions on a tablet of paper beforehand so as not to forget any important things you wish to ask about or discuss.

* Please choose a time for a reading when there is less traffic coming in and out of your home and you are less likely to be interrupted. Set this time aside just for you. You deserve it!

* There are no silly questions! If there is something you wish to ask, please feel free to do so.

* All sessions are confidential.